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Meet the Team


Front Office Manager

I love my job and our patients. Getting to know each person on an individual level, and becoming like family to them, as they become family to me, is rewarding. I’ve been with our team for 25 years and still look forward to coming to work each day. When a patient arrives for their visit, I greet them by name and with a warm smile. I make sure they’re properly checked in and answer any questions they might have about their appointment, whether they want to know more about their insurance benefits or the treatment process. I answer the phones, schedule appointments, and make sure each patient is properly checked out at the end of their visit. I then touch base with the patients to find out how the appointment went and how they are feeling.

I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart, Camerino, for a wonderful 23 years. We have been blessed with three daughters: Samantha, whom I have the pleasure of working with, Christina who is attending Grand Canyon University, and Abbagail, who attends Apollo High School. I recently became a grandmother to an amazing grandson, Christopher, too. Outside of work, my favorite times are those spent with family. I volunteer at the Church at Vineyard North Phoenix in the bookstore, and I enjoy stamping, as well.



Treatment Coordinator

I find our patients and the stories they share to be fascinating. I enjoy getting to know each person who comes to us for care, hearing about their families, lives, and interests, and learning from each exchange. I’m sure others said it, but our patients really are the best! My work involves guiding patients in their treatment planning, helping them understand their options and how everything works, and then deciding an approach that’s right for them. I assist with financial planning, too, creating payment plans that work with their budget and helping to maximize their insurance benefits. I’m always available to answer questions about billing and insurance matters, and I assist in our hygiene department when they need a hand, as well.

I have two beautiful daughters, Samantha and Madison, and recently became Grandma to Elizabeth, who is a real blessing to our family. I enjoy time with my family, holding BBQs, going swimming, watching movies, and shopping trips. Although my favorite past time is catching up on the latest sporting events. I am also an active member of the Vineyard Church.



Registered Dental Hygienist

I enjoy people a great deal, and when I’m first meeting a new patient, I work to learn about them and find common ground with them. It’s important that a person feels safe while in my care, and having them feel free to talk about their lives and interests is one way of creating that bond. It’s also very enjoyable for me, because I like learning about individuals on a personal level. As a hygienist, I spend my days taking radiographs, performing child and adult cleanings, scaling and root planing, fluoride treatments, and offering hygiene instructions. A lot of my focus is on teaching patients about home oral hygiene processes and the best way to keep their mouth healthy between visits.

My husband’s name is Ron and I have two adult daughters, Rebecca and Amanda. I enjoy hiking running, and Zumba, and love road trips. I’m also starting a dental ministry program at the Vineyard North Phoenix church. You might say dental care is in my blood: my step-father is a retired dentist and my mother is a retired dental hygienist.



Registered Dental Hygienist

Interacting with my patients is the best part of my job. Everyone has a story, and I am honored when a person shares theirs with me. I love learning about my patients and feel they always have something to teach me, even if it’s unintentional. It’s great that every day I come to work and serve great people, helping making their lives healthier and more enjoyable, while becoming friends with them. Among my daily tasks, I review health histories, perform oral cancer screenings, and assess the periodontal needs of the patient. I also see patients for cleanings and periodontal appointments.

I like to spend my time away from the office serving my family, including my wonderful husband and two beautiful children, and my church. These two things take up much of my time, but when I can I like to hike, ski, bike, and travel.



Dental Assistant

I think it’s important to help patients learn that a visit to the dentist isn’t something to worry about, and that a dental office isn’t a scary place. I want our patients to feel welcomed, comfortable, and safe while they’re with us. I also want them to feel comfortable talking with me and our team members about their fears, if they have them, so we can help set those fears to rest. My work day is patient-centered. I welcome patients, bring them to the treatment areas, and prepare them for the procedure. If they’re here for a hygiene appointment, I take X-rays and probe scores with the hygienist. If they’re here for a procedure, while the doctor is caring for them, I’m assisting him, but my primary focus is on the patient. I constantly check in to make sure they are comfortable and relaxed, to tell them what Dr. Laws is doing, and to provide reassurance and distraction if it’s needed.  We only practice pain-free dentistry.

My husband Zac and I were married in January 2014. I love spending time with my family and friends, Zac and I are members of Radiant Church, and my favorite hobby is fitness.



Dental Assistant

I love getting to know each patient and keeping them comfortable and at ease during their visit. I’m always ready to do whatever’s needed to ensure they are relaxed, know how much we appreciate them, and meet their needs. It’s incredible that we see so many wonderful patients here, and it’s great that we get to see their families grow. You let us become a part of your family, and that’s a real honor. When it’s time for your appointment, I’ll bring you back to the treatment room, and prep you before Dr. Laws comes in to care for you. I help Dr. Laws during the procedure, but my priority is always making sure that your needs are met. I’ll keep you updated on what the doctor is doing, provide encouragement, and make sure you’re comfortable throughout your procedure.

My mother, Annette, has been working here for many years, so lots of our patients have watched me grow up. I now have a son, Christopher, who turned three in 2014. I love sharing my family with my patients, and I am always getting great tips and ideas about caring for Christopher. I was involved with Young Life for many years and still enjoy helping out with the program, as I think it’s a great thing for any high school student to get into. In my free time, I am an Origami Owl Independent Designer.